Health Insurance

What is a health insurance policy?

Health insurance, also called Mediclaim, is a way to pay for advanced medical treatments that typically require you to be in hospital overnight. It also covers certain other day care procedures like cataract surgery, etc. that don’t require you to be hospitalized but are expensive nevertheless. A health insurance policy, therefore, covers your medical expenses and gives you financial relief.

Why is health insurance policy important & why should you buy it?

Medical insurance is a form of insurance which covers the medical costs incurred in case of medical emergencies. These plans, thus, take care of the financial burden associated with medical contingencies. In today’s age, when illnesses and diseases are on the rise, a health insurance plan becomes necessary. Though medical developments have provided a cure for most of the illnesses, such as cures and treatments come at very expensive costs. These costs become unbearable for the common middle-class man. A health plan, by covering these costs, takes off the financial strain caused by frequently occurring illnesses. It, therefore, proves to be an essential requirement for every individual looking to secure his finances against medical contingencies.

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Key features of health insurance

  1. Coverage
    The coverage includes the comprehensive expense of everything that can happen during a health emergency. It includes pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization and ambulance charges. Most insurances also cover critical health diseases like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.
  2. Renewal Benefits
    Most companies offer a no claim bonus benefit to its customers if no claim request is made by them in the previous year. Some companies also offer benefits in the form of discounted premiums or increased cover or a complete free health check up every year as well.
  3. Co-payment
    It is one of the great features offered by good health insurance companies, helping to reduce the yearly premium. You have to pay a percentage of the total expense while the company will pay the balance.
  4. Cashless Treatment
    Most health insurance companies have a collaboration with a number of healthcare centres and hospitals. When you seek treatment in a network hospital, the insurance company will pay your bills directly and you will have to pay only for the uncovered expenses.
  5. Tax Benefits
    Under section 80D of Tax Act 1961, you will enjoy tax exemptions for paying premiums on health insurance. The tax benefit can be enjoyed both by you and your family members.
  6. Flexibility
    You can change the premiums to be paid every month or the term life of your policy after a certain period.

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